Local Artisans at Work in Jaipur

Jaipur is home to a number of highly skilled local artisans. Some of them work in hand block printing, tie and dye textiles or handmade paper production while others have mastered the art of handcrafting fine jewellery, lac bangles, blue pottery, Jaipur rugs and carpets, marble carvings, shoes, etc.

Here in Jaipur people believe in promoting their local heritage and skills and passing them over ages and generations. The local artisans with inherited workmanship have been doing the same thing since years. Get to know these local artisans, the kind of life they live and the artistic pieces they create by stepping in the side lanes of the Jaipur city and discover the soul of Jaipur’s real artisans.

Ramganj Bazar for shoes

Jaipur shoe makers can be seen making traditional Jaipuri shoes and jootis in the Ranganj area within the walled city. Watch the look artisans and learn how the beautiful traditional Jaipuri jooties are made.

Jaipur shoes or jootis

Jaipur shoes or jootis

Kishanpol Bazar for tie and dye textiles

Rajasthan is famous for its tie and dye fabrics work, also known as the traditional bandhej textiles in common words. These textiles are admired by both locals and tourists for their colourful patterns and beautiful formations. Here at Kishanpol Bazaar, you can actually get to see the skillful craftsmanship of some artisans tying and dying fabrics to create those vivacious formations that everyone loves.

Maniharon ka Rasta (Tripolia Bazar) for lac bangles and jewellery

Lac jewellery and lac bangles have originated in Jaipur. The local craftsmen of Jaipur create beautiful lac bangles and other jewellery pieces, studded with mirror work and colourful beads. Lac work using ancient techniques is a rural art that has been passed down from generations. Jaipur lac bangles are famous among locals as well as visitors from different parts of the country for their heavy look and the charm they add to your outfits. Visit Maniharon ka Rasta to see the making of Jaipur lac bangles.

making of Jaipur lac bangles'

making of Jaipur lac bangles

Achrol House, Subhash Chowk for carpets

If you want to take back home something unique then Achrol House, Subhash Chowk is the place for you. You can shop for the famous Jaipur rugs and carpets here and can also see local artisans at work, weaving the beautiful carpets.

Khajane Walon ka Rasta for marble carving

Khajane Walon ka Rasta is exclusively known for its marble sculptures. This area within the walled city of Jaipur allows you to admire the local artisans’ skills of creating unique, precisely designed and cut marble sculptures and artworks. The artists are experts in meticulously carving marbles and shape them into something spell-bounding such as fountains, birds, ornamental home décor items, impressive kitchen ware, elephants, horses and other artifacts.

Sanganer village for block printing, handmade paper and blue pottery

Get to see pieces of fabrics that have been block printed and finished artistically by the local specialists. Get to meet local artisans from Jaipur, Newai village and Sanganer village, who have mastered the art of block printing by honing their skills through ages and generations. Blue pottery of Jaipur is also an old art, which initially came from Persia and was then polished in Iran in the 15th century before it came to India with the Mughals and now remains only in Jaipur.

hand making

 making process of Jaipur blue pottery

Moti Doongri Road for Guns

Naimuddin does an inherited business in ancient guns on the Moti Doongri Road Jaipur. This business was first started by Qutubuddin and has been inherited over 6 generations. They used to take care of the cannons and other arms kept at Jaigarh Fort. As the art passed through generations, the models of guns they created also went through several transformations but you can still find guns of ancient style here. They also create the 1526’s matchlock guns here.

Anokhi Museum for hand block prints

Visit Anokhi Museum in Jaipur and see hand block artisans at work. Get to learn more about their art style. The innovative designs that they come up with will amuse you. Their patterns and designs and the completely handmade detailing are worth an eye.

Johari Bazar for handcrafted fine jewellery

Jaipur has an age-old reputation for the manufacturing of handcrafted fine jewellery. Being one of the most prominent jewel market in the country, it offers an opportunity to meet local artisans and watch them cut precious and semi-precious stones, polish them and set these stones on the molds, especially that of diamonds and emeralds. Jaipur’s minakari, which is done on gold and silver, is another major attraction for the ones who wish to see how intricate jewellery is made.

johari bazar

handcrafted jewellery making in Jaipur

Hawa Mahal to sharpen arms

Near Hawa Mahal a family had been working since 4 generations to sharpen swords, daggers and other arms. Lal Singh Chauhan belongs to the fourth of Gaurav Singh, who first started this work. They used to sharpen, repair and polish ancient times armours of the ruling states in the past. These armours included swords, daggers, skewers, sheaths and hilts. Today not many artisans are left who know this work.

Thakur Pacher ka Rasta for musical instruments

Thakur Pacher ka Rasta, which crosses the famous Ghee Walon ka Rasta, has a shop selling musical instruments. A local artisan named Sohanlal Jangid works here to repair different types of musical instruments. This work was first started by his father and this inherited business dates back to the year 1954. They fix a variety of musical instruments but have mastered the art of fixing harmoniums. Along with them the Jaipur city has 5-7 more families of local artisans who work on musical instruments.




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