7 Most Eye-Catching Public Work of Arts in Jaipur

The picturesque hues of Jaipur!

From the longevous and majestic forts to the pink dyed Parkotas, the Jaipur City has a lot to be proud of. But its art collection and sense of creativity tops the list and therefore, the city is touted as “The Land of Vibrant Art”.

The City of Jaipur, also known as The Pink City and its residence and rich regal history have charmed many travellers from around the globe. The vibrant and beautiful arts of Jaipur and Jaipurites can be easily seen and explored in the museums and palaces of the city. But, it’s not all inside these magnificent palaces and sophisticated museums, many of its exquisite artworks out, in parks, street corners, railway stations, plazas and malls, and even on the automobiles.

Jaipur’s great walkability makes it possible to visit these public works of arts (included but not limited to sculptures, paintings, and architecture) by foot. The seven favourite public works of arts are:

1. Arjuna Statue at Sawai Man Singh Stadium

Arjuna Statue at the east entrance of SMS Stadium

Image Source: Jaipur City Blog

Erected in November 2015 in front of the East gate of Sawai Man Singh Stadium Jaipur (SMS Stadium), this 55 – feet high sculpture of Arjuna was set up by Jaipur Development Authority before the commencement of the Resurgent Rajasthan Summit. The said effigy is the first highest statue in the beautiful city of pink colours and second highest in the state of Rajasthan. The idol was put up to show respect to the Rajasthan’s sportsperson “Arjuna”.


2. Auto Art

Honourable Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje Ji enjoying Auto Safari

Image Source: Oh My India

Hand painted on the theme of Rajasthan’s Hertage and Culture, these lively, vibrant and artistic autos meander all over the map of the city. The autos are painted by young artists from schools and other institutions of Jaipur.

Auto Art Jaipur

Image Source: Audi Photography

3. Central Park Stone Art Work

Surrounded by the serene and lush green atmosphere of the Central Park is the Stone Art Work. The said states are the portion of the most favoured attraction of this lovely park. The carving art work on the stones is quite contemporary; the stones look like sculptures of men. 

The art work is set near the Indian Flag, and the site adds picturesque quality to the park’s environment.

Stone Art Work – Central Park Jaipur

Image Source: Travel Triangle

4. Park Gate - Jawahar Circle

The uniquely designed entrance to the Jawahar Circle Park has some of the best paintings, immaculate effigies, and exquisite stone work on it. Painted with the theme of Rajasthani Culture and Heritage, this public work of arts, the gate stands on the end of the JLN Marg (Jawahr Lal Nehru Marg), Malviya Nagar. This pink gate with golden lining will make your visit grand and regal.

Jawahar Circle – Park Gate

Image Source: Roubgourley Photography

5. The Heritage Sculptures – Various Places

The sculptures of Rajasthani tribes performing the most famous dance style of the region, The Stick Dance. The stills are located at different places of the city such as Rambagh Circle, Malviya Nagar etc. The Sculptures are artistic and metallic; showcasing the heritage of Rajasthan.

Heritage Sculpture

Image Source: Mid Day

6. Wall Art – Railway Station

The beautiful wall murals of two of Jaipur’s railway stations, Gandhi Nagar and Durgapura, showcase the regional things of prominence by the local artists. With paintings of marionettes and other traditional arts of Rajasthan, the walls welcome all the tourists and travellers with a great cultural welcome.

Wall Art – Gandhi Nagar Railway Station Jaipur

Image Source: A N I News

Marionette Wall Art at Gandhi Nagar Railway Station

Image Source: Twitter

7. Wall Art – Pink City

The pink city wall encircling the old Jaipur City is one of the most ancient and beautiful public works of arts. The wall was built in 1727 when the city was founded by Maharaja Jai Singh II. The white line arts by the famous artists and architects have been charming people from around the globe since erstwhile period.

Pink City Wall Line Art

Image Source: Beauty Scenery

For some it’s just beautification; but for others it’s heritage!


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