Iron Man of India Milind Soman shares his story and some quirky inventions: The Running Sari

The Running Sari by Milind Soman of Pinkathon

Actor and model Milind Soman is the man behind launching a new concept. The concept is all about the ‘Running Sari’. Ambassador for Pinkathon, Mr. Milind Soman expressed that a woman is always equipped with a sari for almost every occasion. There never will be a situation when a woman is not equipped with a sari for any occasion. Now imagine a situation as she puts it, that a woman walks into a shop and asks for a ‘red banarasi running sari’. This is quite a different situation to hear about, different and unusual. Iron Man of India, Mr. Milind Soman has proved this to be real. Introducing a running sari under his name is what the actor and model has made a reality.

Running from Jaipur to Delhi:

On Wednesday, August 31, 2016 the model and actor along with Jaipur Runners Club and Pinkathon members is going to undertake a run up to the state of New Delhi. A distance of 260 kilometers is said to be run and completed within the duration of 75 hours. People to accompany him in the Jaipur-Delhi run: In this run that commences from the city of Jaipur and concludes at New Delhi, numerous people from the country will accompany Mr. Milind Soman. Jairaman Rakawat from Mumbai, Indrapal Khalsa from Punjab, Spurti Sitamma from Karnataka and Sandeep Raj from Hyderabad will be accompanying Mr. Milind Soman in the Jaipur-Delhi run.

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Why are women not a huge part of marathons that take place?

Mr. Soman puts it straight that often women are not able to be a part of marathons. The reason? The reason being as simple and straight as that they are often not comfortable to outfit themselves in western wear clothes. The actor shares and adds on that sometimes women become a part of marathons and are seen being outfitted in t-shirts of their husbands or their brothers. With all this being become a common practice, Pinkathon decided to come up with the idea of a running sari for all the enthusiastic women runners out there. The actor cited an example of a Kanjivaram Running Sari.

Running Sari idea dejected in the beginning:

Mr. Soman expresses that when he discussed this idea with Pinkathon and put it forward before them, nobody took the idea positively and did not appreciate it. Everyone believed that such an amount of time and energy must be spent by Mr. Soman on the safety of women rather than on their outfits. The actor though still strongly believed that the health of women is equally important as is their safety. No women must face hindrance in becoming better and healthy merely because of her outfit. Outfits must not prove to be an obstacle in their life on the path of being fit and healthy.

Winning the title Iron Man of India:

The title of Iron Man was accredited to Mr. Milind Soman in Zurich on July 19. In the Iron Man contest there, Mr. Soman completed a 3.8 kilometer leg of swimming, 180.2 kilometers of cycling and 42.2 kilometers of cycling in a duration of 15 hours 19 minutes. In his very first attempt, Milind won the title of ‘Ironman of India’.

Iron man

Swimming and running dates back to years ago:

He shares that he began to practice swimming when he was of a very young age of 10 years. He is a practicing runner since 14 years and in the year 2004, he won a half marathon. He believes all this sport and practice to be just like meditation and believes that there are no qualms about it and that there is no reason that one must be scared of all this.

Readying up for World Ultra Triathlon 2017:

The actor is prepping himself up and is gearing up fullfledged-ly for the World Ultra Triathlon that’s going to take place in the year 2017.

Personal space with the family and his mother:

Mr. Soman’s family background is diverse and rich when it comes to the career path. Born in Scotland, Milind’s forefather was a doctor; his own father is a nuclear scientist and his mother Mrs. Usha is a professor for biochemistry.
Milind further shared that when he came to grade 9th, everyone in his home began to tell him and make him understand about focusing on his studies and on quitting swimming. It was then when Milind’s mother said that her child will be exceptional and will stand out in his studies as well as his studies.

Mother a fitness enthusiast:

 His mother holds deep interest in fitness of the body. She had a wish to go on trekking which she successfully achieved after she took retirement from her work. Lately, an inter-state marathon was organised where Mr. Milind’s mother Mrs. Usha who is aged 76 years took part in the marathon enthusiastically and ran along with her son. Last year, the energetic woman completed a 100 kilometers long stretch of trekking in 48 hours. What’s a surprise here is that whatever be the stretch of the run or the trek, both the mother and her son are always barefoot for this. They complete their run without putting on any footwear of any kind, let alone sports shoes. Both of them believe that this is the most natural way to run. When one does not wear shoes, the nerves of the feet send signals to the brain and the brain takes an action accordingly and sends back an appropriate response to the body to function. Holding faith in this belief, Mr. Milind Soman has not been wearing shoes for running past 6 years.


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