Jaipur Music Festival

Jaipur city has its own charmers that bring the famed personalities to the city and make them visit every nook and corner thereafter. Celebrities who are coming down to the Pink City are knowingly and unknowingly visiting the locality of Vaishali Nagar nowadays. Well maybe it can be said to be the charm of the locality that does this to the celebs that they do dot the area once at least during their visit. Be it the shooting of a television serial or that of a movie, Vaishali Nagar is the growing hub and demand for all this. With every other passing day, Vaishali Nagar experiences the visit of one or another celebrity. This has led Vaishali Nagar seem as no less than a film city.

Jaipur Music Festival

Tagore School, nestled at the Vaishali Marg in Vaishali Nagar, lately organised the Jaipur Music Festival in the interior of its auditorium. The event was a mix of acclaimed personalities from the music industry. What happens when all of such legends of the music industry meet? They create music. Divine music. The celebrities gave spectacular musical performances and won over the crowd.


Some legends of music got into a chat mode and expressed their views

Dilip Sen, director and music composer, says

"On the journey of music, many awards have been won. Winning the respect and love of the people of one’s own country is a big achievement and a matter of pride. I have provided music to a couple of Bollywood movies. A fair number of 150 and more movies are there where I have given music. As time changes, so do the things change and the way people do things changes. Bollywood has also changed in a drastic way. At present, Bollywood is running in a fair condition and the movies made are doing a good amount of business in the market."

Sameer Sen, director and music composer, says

"Music has been my first love. I am an admirer, follower and preacher of music. Music has helped me reach to this level in the industry and thereafter survive there. My son, Sohail Sen has recently given music in a Bollywood movie that goes by the name Happy Bhaag Jayegi. I have always been closely attached to the Jaipur city. The amount of peace that I experience on coming down to the city can be compared to nothing. Speaking about life time achievement awards, the music composer and director stated that taking place of such awards here is a big thing to happen. This is just the beginning of a good journey, wait to see what the future holds in itself."

Ravindra Upadhyay, singer, says

"I belong to the Jaipur city, and that being said is reason enough to love the Vaishali Nagar locality. Many of my friends have music studios in the city. In these studios, we often end up recording music. Traffic is starting to build up in this area of the city now. Traffic congestion needs to be resolved. Speaking about delivering a performance on stage, the singer expressed that until and unless a singer or an actor enjoys performing himself and on his own, the audience will not be able to enjoy his performance. To become a singer, there are many in the mad race. I have given my voice as music in Bollywood movies like Happy New Year and Talaash.

Apart from these, I have given music and my voice for various music albums, Rajasthani movies etc. I have also staged various music shows at the national level. Apart from staging music shows at the national level, I have also had international stage shows."

Swaroop Khan, singer, says

"Since my early childhood days I have been attached to music and have loved it dearly. I have learnt music and its intricate details from my father Niyaz Khan and my uncle Anwar Khan. Being from Jaisalmer, I have reached and survived in the city of Mumbai. All this has been only possible because of the immense love that I have received from the people of the nation. Having been on the show Indian Idol and having received the love and support of the audience and also the people of the country, I have merely being famous because of all this. Had I not received this love and support, I would not have been able to achieve such great success."

"Folk music is appreciated by people since quite long now. I have made a name and have gained fame due to folk music only. Folk music is the identity of the state of Rajasthan. This genre of music has also received acceptance in Bollywood. I feel proud about this. The first break that I received was for the show Emotional Atyachar and the credit for that goes to Bappi Lahiri. After this in the year 2010, I gained fame by the song ‘Tharki Chokro’ in the movie P.K. Awards like Dharohar Virasat Award, Sangeet Natak Academy, Hum Log Award, Big FM Award and many other have also been received by me."




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