Volunteers from Jaipur selected for the Rio Olympic Games 2016

The buzz of the Rio Olympic Games 2016 and its fever has taken over the people of the country. People of the Jaipur city are not bereft of this fever and have been waiting excitedly for the Gaming Season to lead off.

Rio Olympic Games 2016 commence date:

Kicking off from August 5, 2016 from Brazil, it is quite an honourable fact that people from the Jaipur city are going to be a part of the team and the crew for the Rio Olympic Games 2016.

People from Jaipur to be a part of the Rio Olympic Games 2016 team:

A doctor:

Dr. Rajat Jangid who is an expert sports physician is one of the people who are getting onboard to the team of Rio Olympic Games. Dr. Rajat Jangid will be there to provide medical services and care for the gymnasts, artistic sports players, rhythmic gymnastics players and trampoline players.


Along with Mr. Jangid, Shakti Singh Rathore and Chandrashekhar will also be a part of the volunteering crew for the same.

Multitude of volunteers:

For the Rio Olympic Games 2016, 42000 volunteers have been chosen from Brazil itself and 8000 volunteers have been chosen from varied countries.

Skilled and event management students’ first choice as volunteers:

It is quite surprising and interesting to know that this year for the Rio Olympic Games 2016, distinguished people and personalities have registered for the volunteering process.
For such a mega event like Rio Olympic Games, only people (students) who are pursuing a course in the event management arena are given an opportunity to be a part of, contribute, learn and widen their experience and knowledge.

So what’s finally surprising is that along with students, other people have also been given an opportunity to be a part of the team and witness the event.

Volunteers from India:

18 volunteers have been chosen from India to be a part of the Rio Olympic Games 2016.

Volunteers from Jaipur:

From the city of Jaipur, Assistant Vice President Shakti Singh of a private bank in Jaipur and Chandrashekhar Tiwari, an entrepreneur have been chosen.
The two chosen people will leave for the event from India on July 27, 2016. They’ll be travelling to Brazil to witness the event.

Training and induction:

Training will be imparted to the volunteers from Jul 30, 2016 to August 4, 2016.
Not only will the volunteers be limited to training, but also they will be inducted on communication skills and how to establish that with the sports players, technical aspects of the event and also other important details of the event.

How did the registration for Rio Olympic Games 2016 take place?

The registration for the Rio Olympic Games 2016 took place by way of online method. For registration purposes, it was compulsive to be acquaint and thorough with two languages apart from English. After the registration process was over, the applications were scrutinized and shortlisted. Post shortlisting, an online examination was organized. The examination was a test for judging the knowledge about different games that a person keeps and also to determine the behavioural skills of the applicant.


Other people who will be taking part in the Rio Olympic Games 2016 are:

Sashwat Khimani - Researcher by profession

Indra Malik - Housewife

Pradeep Godbole - Cricket Coach

Laju Cherian - Pilot

Om Mundra - Businessman

Sharan Mehra - Businessman

Abhijeet Deshmukh - Banker

Sandeep Reddy - Businessman

Shyam Daitya - Student

Tushar Verma - Film maker

Jaipur volunteers and how they feel:

Shakti Singh Rathore:

Shakti Singh Rathore is delighted to share that he has been chosen to deliver his services and experience the Rio Olympic Games 2016. He will be on duty in the Rio Olympic Park. He is extremely elated to be a part of such a grand sports event in the world. While he was pursuing his schooling, he was an admirer and used to wonder to be a part of such a grand event. By profession Mr. Rathore is a banker and expresses that the experience for being a part of Rio Olympic Games will not be of a great use to him, but it is a matter of pride for him to be able to do so amongst thousands of other applicants.

Chandrashekhar Tiwari:

Entrepreneur Chandrashekhar Tiwari is handling and overlooking an IT company and shared that he has been a state level player for basketball as a sport. He has a thirst to learn about the culture and lifestyle of different countries and to study them from a close glance and develop and in depth research. Thus, Rio Olympic Games 2016 will serve as a platform to lend him exposure for networking. It will be his task as a volunteer to communicate with the sports players. Mr. Tiwari however expresses that he is not a sportsperson but is keen to keep know-how about different games.



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