Police Commissioner For A Day In The City Of Jaipur – A Little Boy – Girish Sharma

No more One Day Police Commissioner Jaipur - Grish Sharma

Girish Sharma’s wish:

“To become the commissioner of the Jaipur city” – This wish was made by young kid who wished to become the commissioner of the Jaipur city for a day. He longed to be a police commissioner just like the bollywood movie Singham and was inspired by it.
April 30th, 2015 was the day when little kid Girish Sharma of the Jaipur city became the commissioner of the city for a day. Girish was of a very young age of 11 years.

Wish granted by:

Girish expressed his wish in the SMS hospital of Jaipur in Make-A-Wish Foundation’s counseling lessons. On being acquainted with this wish of the little child, Mr. Srinivas Rao Janga, present commissioner of the city along with the cooperation of the Rajasthan police came forward to grant the little child his wish. Make-A-Wish foundation has been engaged in bringing smiles to the children’s faces for 10 years now and has fulfilled the wishes of 2550 children. The mission of the foundation is to see satisfaction on the faces of such children and their family members, quoted Ms. Sunita Shah, the state coordinator for the foundation.
Girish was made to dress in an official police commissioner uniform which reflected the approach and positivity of the Rajasthan police, the commissioner of Jaipur and the founder of Make-A-Wish foundation. The child was made to sit in the commissioner’s seat and also sign some documents. Later post the event, Girish visited a local police station to know about the functioning of police and its force.
Shutterbugs did not miss a moment to capture this event with a beaming child seeing his wish come true.

Excerpts from the talk:

When asked why Girish wanted to become a police commissioner, Girish responded, “I want to arrest thieves.”
Girish’s elder brother Aman quoted that Girish would always choose to play the part of a police officer while playing the game chor-sipahi.

Girish expressed that he liked the guard of honour as that made him feel good and realize what it meant to be a police officer. Later, he sang the famous song ‘nanha munna rahi hu’ for the policemen present in the office.

Police commissioner Mr. Srinivas Rao Janga said, “It is a morale booster for the police department to know that children wish to join the force with a mission to serve the nation.”

Family details:

Girish Sharma was a resident of Shivpuri (Sirsa). He has three siblings apart from him. Girish’s father Mr. Jagdish Sharma was a local hawker who had only this means of earnings and was earning the bread for the family.

Illness details:

Girish barely attended school as he required constant medical care. Girish was suffering from chronic kidney malfunction in both his kidneys which in his last days stopped to function resulting in the passing away of the child.

Monetary costs involved:

Mr. Jagdish Sharma, father of Girish Sharma stated that the treatment for his child for his kidney illness required an amount in lakhs to be spent. Former home minister of Haryana, Mr. Gopal Kanda willfully agreed to cover the expenses for the child for his treatment.
It has been reported by Girish’s father that “Girish was being treated at Medanta, but I didn’t have the money – for six-day admission where the bill can go up to Rs 2-2.5 lakhs.

Hospitals for treatment:

Girish has been receiving medical; treatment for his chronic kidney illness for the past three months in the SMS hospital in Jaipur.
Medanta hospital in Gurgaon (presently known as: Gurugram) replaced a kidney of Girish Sharma about 8 months back. Girish Sharma’s mother was the donor of this kidney. Post this transplant, Girish returned home quite healthy and sound only to know that the kidney stopped functioning after a few days. He was again admitted to the hospital but his health did not improve.

Girish’s health declined on the night of May 1, 2016 after which he was rushed to AIIMS, New Delhi by his father. Due to critical illness and serious conditions, a team of pediatric nephrologists led by Dr. Arvind Bagga had advised dialysis but the parents were hostile and did not approve for the particular dialysis.” said Dr. Rakesh Lodha, Associate Professor with the Department of Pediatrics, AIIMS. He claimed that the parents ultimately Left Against Medical Advice (LAMA) at around 8 pm Monday. On their return from New Delhi to their home Sirsa, Girish passed away around 10:00PM near Dhaula Kuan.

A spirited child who ambitioned to don the uniform.

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