Famous Woman Biker Veenu Paliwal Dies in Tragic Accident

Harley Owners Group (HOG) Rani

Veenu Paliwal (1972-2016)

In a tragic accident in Madhya Pradesh, famous women rider from Jaipur, Veenu Paliwal lost her life. While riding the motorcycle on a nationwide tour on her Harley Davidson motorcycle, her bike skidded off the road and she fell down. The accident was so strong that it shattered her liver into pieces and blood split in the interior parts. First she was rushed t other primary health center and later taken to Vidisha district hospital where doctors announced that she was bought dead. According to the postmortem the doctors declared that blunt injury and liver rupture cause the death.

Here are some inspirational, interesting and impressive aspects of her personality.


Her parents originally belong to Mathura. But due to the Bank job her father used to be relocated frequently. Veenu Paliwal was born in to Patang Nagar, Nainital. She was the eldest child of the house and was pampered thoroughly. Right from the starting she had a sense of responsibility and looked after her siblings and parents with utmost attention. Due to these qualities the parents called her "Putrika" a Hindi word that mean a prodigy who is blessed with the qualities of both son and daughter. She was brave and intelligent at the same time.

During the father's posting in Lucknow she studied at Lorento an educational institute of exceptional standards. After her post-graduation from Rajasthan University, she completed her MBA from Manchester Management School of London. She was also a champion in national level badminton. She was married with H Vikarm, a Delhi Based businessman and is survived by 1 son and a daughter. His husband did not approve of her bike riding because of societal concerns and 2 years back she divorced him.

Facts about Her

Her entire life was a pillar of strength and fountain of inspiration. Here is some inspirational information about her:

  • This 44 year old lady was dubbed Lady of Harley because she was the only female rider from Jaipur in Rajasthan chapter of Dune Harley-Davidson. One of her BBC friends also named her HOG Rani.
  • It was her avid-biker father who is the inspiration behind her passion for the bikes. The inspiration was converted into passion due to encouragement by Bunty Tanwar, the then director of HOG. So he is to be credited for the passion she had towards the bikes.
  • Her husband, a rich Delhi Businessmen was opposed to her passion and objected on her bike riding citing the social customs that don’t approve of women riding bikes. Acting aptly she ended the marriage 2 years ago in order to continue her passion.
  • She could drive the Harley Davidson at a speed of 180 Km per hour.
  • She was accompanied by Deepesh Tanwar a fellow biker when the tragic accident occurred, a nationwide tour on Harley
  • She had travelled extensively across the country on her bike and even cherished the plans to make documentary of the same.
  • She was also the owner of Chah Bar a Victorian team room lounge in Jaipur. Chah Bar is a Victorian Restaurant serving exquisite dishes and as many as 60 varieties of tea. Chah Bar is famous for its terrace seating one can get a breathtaking view of Moti Doongri, Garh Ganesh Temple, Nahargarh Fort and Albert Hall.
  • She also wanted to join the politics and change the wide held notion that it is not meant for "good people". She wanted to bring some great changes in the society.

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