‘Music is Food for the Soul!’

Everyone must have heard about this quote randomly, but have you ever thought what it really means?

Ever wondered, why a person plugs in the earphones and listens to music in the middle of the day, in the park while running, in office, during flights or while doing many other kinds of activities? Is there a need to escape the reality or just to feel good?

Listening to music has this enriching effect to your mind, soul and nerves. Music takes your mind away from life for a second and puts you at ease and comfort.

It provides your soul the much required positivity and beyond all, the power or energy to work again. That is why listening to music is always a refreshing experience. When people are in the company of music, you can find them smile.

Though music cannot be confined to a place, the pink city of Jaipur brings you these amazing set of places where music lovers can Relax, Re-Energize and get ready to Re-Work. Let’s just have a look at some of the most interesting hangout places for music lovers in Jaipur!

1. Home Cafe, C-Scheme

Home Cafe is a place that provides you with a refreshing environment, appetizing and delicious food and a good network of people buzzing throughout the day. The rich soothing interiors, the rich dark coffee and the richness of its people just makes this place a must-visit place.

The most amazing feature about this place is its creative corner which is reserved for all those creative enthusiasts like singers, stand-up comedians and people with a special talent to entertain people. Enjoy the music and fun here!

2. Tapri, C-Scheme

Tapri is known for its rich and delicious tea, the amazing environment and good tasting food like Vada Pav, Pizza, Nachos and more. It is said to open at 8 a.m. in the morning for all joggers and early risers to come and enjoy its rich & popular teas.

However, one striking feature about this place is its corner side reserved for music charmers. Here, every single night is reserved for musicians or singers, who get their guitars and buzz the place around with their mesmerising music and tunes. You can really have a great time here whilst sipping hot teas and listening to those cool musical tunes.

3. Wired Hub

Wired Hub is a sort of a startup founded by Himanshi Goyal in February 2016 and in such a little time it has flourished a lot. Though a café, but it’s very different from all other cafes since apart from providing with food and beverages, Wired Hub also offers a platform for showcasing your talent to the audience. This includes anything from singing to dancing, conducting creative workshops to standup comedy, poetry to music and much more. It gives a chance to all talented musicians to perform and all music lovers to enjoy and get entertained with their rhythmic tunes and rich singing.

4. Jawahar Kala Kendra (JKK)

Jawahar Kala Kendra, popularly addressed as JKK, is known for hosting several dramatic activities, fun entertaining events, theatre workshops, musical evenings, art exhibitions and more. Music enthusiasts and all wandering souls, who are searching for some tunes to lend them peace, can find solace here.

5. Chandlai Lake

Chandlai Lake is a place to relax with beautiful scenery of a flowing lake and the gushing winds which envelop you and soothe your soul. As music is all about relaxation, one can enjoy the music with nature here at the Chandlai Lake. Visiting the spot with a bunch of close friends would be even more fun with games like antakshari, dam-sharaz, etc.

6. The Nahargarh Hills!

The most talked about Nahargarh Hills of Jaipur are a wonderful hangout place for all folks - whether you’re a book lover or a music lover, an entertainer or a loner, a person with a gang of friends or the one happy in the company of your partner! You can very much enjoy an evening out with friends with the strumming of the guitar, singing your favourite tunes together when the hills envelop you.

In fact, it’s a perfect spot for a romantic date too. A guitar, swashing winds, beautiful views overlooking the entire Jaipur city and two lovers – that’s all you need!

7. Rajputana Sheraton

If anyone is a fan of classical music, then the person should really go for this place, the Rajputana Sheraton. Though a bit expensive, it is still worth a visit because of the environment they create there with Gazals, old traditional songs and with the classic romantic hits, which are sung by singers and musicians. It really creates a soul enriching feel around in the vicinity of music.

8. Dhola Maru, Clarks Amerdhola

This food place in hotel Clarks Amer on JLN Marg has an exquisite ambience with mesmerizing view and dim lighting. Fine music is played during the evenings making the Mughlai and Indian vegetarian delights a bit more enjoyable. The enriching theme of old and traditional atmosphere of classic music and old hits offered by this place makes it a good choice to dine at for music lovers.

9. Curious Life Café

Seems like several places in the city have mixed food with music to add to the experience of their visitors! The Curious Life Café is a decent café that plays your favorite Hollywood tracks. It also provides that rich ambience for the creative people to sit and mingle with their folks while sipping their rich cappuccinos.

10. 100% Rock

Anyone up for a Karaoke Night? This is one such place which will play a good selection of Hollywood and Bollywood hits and that too on the personal requests of its customers. Thus, it’s a great place to visit with your friends and mingle around with its rich music and delicious food.

These places in Jaipur can actually bring out the musician in you and offer a delectable experience to any music lover!


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