This Diwali be the reason for someone’s Smile

Oiled Lamps, Candles, Fairy lights, Rangoli, Brand New Clothes and lots of sweets; this is all we people think when we hear the word “Diwali”. Diwali, also called Deepawali, is one of the most famous and widely celebrated Hindu festivals in India. This is the festival when we light hundreds of candles and oil lamps, adorn your houses with colourful fairy lights, and eat some sapid delicacies.  We all have celebrated this holy festival in conventional way, this Diwali, celebrate Diwali in different style – be a reason of someone smiles.

Spend Diwali With Underprivileged children

Instead of spending hours bursting crackers and playing, spend some time with the people who are less fortunate to spend Diwali the way we celebrate. Search for some orphanage or any NGO and spend some time there. You can donate your clothes, accessories, and other useful material. It may be one of the ways to Diwali for you, but for them it could mean a whole world.

Image Source – Taazi News

Let’s get a bit more traditional!

Now-a-days market is filled with loads of lights – fairy lights, disco light, and shadow lights and so on, and we buy them to flaunt our idea of designing. But in this process of trending from conventional methods of lightening of oil lamps, some people are bearing a heavy loss. This Diwali let’s buy some traditional deepaks and light up the world of hawkers.

Image Source – Hindustan Times

Find a new family!

Diwali is that time of the year when people celebrate their love and life with their families. But some people are not that fortunate. There are hundreds of old age homes dotting the city. Find one old age home and spend your Diwali with them. Only you can make their Diwali special!

Image Source – Outlook India

Donate your Card Party earnings

We all play cards as a ritual on Diwali Night. And sometimes we make loads of money. But the question is do we really need that money? Well, obviously we don’t. Let’s just donate all our card earnings to the people who really need money.

Image Source – Pinterest

Get a bit crafty, Get a bit romantic!

There is so much that you can make and craft. From origami lamps to Paper Mache oil lamps, from simple bottle candles to a dream catcher. There are a number of sites which can assist you in preparing something for your loved ones. Take some time out from your hectic schedule, and make some something that melts their heart.

Image Source – Vintage Wedding Fair

Celebrate with a friendly gesture! Let’s light our neighbourhood!

India is a country of diverse group of people. We live in a country where you’ll find a Hindu, a Muslim, a Sikh, and a Christian. Many people who belong to Muslim and Christian community don’t celebrate this festival. But you can prove to be a reason to celebrate this festival. Mix up, spread love and introduce your culture to them!

Image Source - An Indian Muslim’s Blog

Hire a Henna Artist for female employs of your company!

It is well known by one and all that females love being beautiful. This Diwali you can be one of the reasons to add an element of beauty to their ever-lasting charm.  Hire a henna (Mehandi) artist for a day and let’s roll the traditional feature.

Let’s decorate the office!

This Diwali lets decorate our offices with customary flowers and rangolis and let our bosses feel a bit special.

Image Source – Easy Day Welcome


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